Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How does Intel pay for your service?

We ask you pay with a credit card number. We cannot use a WWID.

Q. How long does it take to get my visa/passport?

You may indicate how fast you’d like processing time on our order form. Passports can be done as fast as the same-day. Standard processing for most visas is 10 working days with the exception of a few countries like India and Russia. Call for Rush processing (415) 693-0330.

Q. Can you pick up from my house or office?

Yes, we can arrange a local courier.

Q. Where’s my invoice/receipt?

Your invoice should always be included with your passport. In some cases it will be emailed. If you need a copy, please email

Q. Will my docs be submitted the day you receive my package?

It’s not definite. But if you have an urgent visa/passport request and your process depends on a same day submission, then there are protocols that must take place prior to shipping. Call one of our customer service agents for special instructions (415) 693-0330.



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