Renew Your Passport



  1.  Letter of Authorization Form
    • Check mark the top 2 boxes, and write “Visa Network” next to Courier Company Name. Form must only be written by the applicant. Don’t forget to read the red PDF instructions
  2.  DS-82 online application
    • Complete Online and create PDF. The downloaded PDF pages must be printed one-sided. Just a reminder, the app cannot be handwritten, except for the signature
  3.  Two Passport Photos
    • 2x2″ in size, white background; taken in the past three months; no glasses
  4.  Passport
    • Current and not been expired for longer than 5 years and isn’t damaged
  5.  Order Form
    • Form for Visa Network contact, shipping, and billing purposes
  6.  Flight itinerary or Business/Personal letter
    • If you require a rush process faster than 2 weeks



Passport Renewals are open to current U.S. citizens with passports expired no longer than 5 years.

Applicants over 17 years of age at the time their passport was issued and have since not changed their name. Or if they have changed their name and can provide legal documents for that name change. For anyone applying under 18 years of age, please go here -> passport for minors. 



The 2-D bar-code pages must be clear and sharp in black print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, with no perforations, one-sided. Applications printed on thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, any glossy paper, or on a dot matrix printer will not be accepted.

The Letter of Authorization must be handwritten by the applicant only. The pen used must be in black or blue ink and not interchanged. All fields must be completed including the “Courier Company Name” – be sure to write “Visa Network.”



Enclose a fee of $170 for the passport book or $200 for both a book and passport card in the form of a personal check or money order. Make checks payable to “U.S. Department of State.” The applicant’s full name and date of birth must be printed on the front of the check. There is a fee of $15 if the applicant doesn’t provide a check and Visa Network provides one instead.

Passport Book 170
with card +30 200

Fee does not include shipping (35), bank or extra handling charges that might incur during the process. We don’t have hidden fees and we won’t charge extra without letting you know. Please include a credit card on the Visa Network order form. Alternatively, you may pay with cash, check or money order.

10-15 business days 50
6-8 business days 90
3-5 business days 110
24/48 hours 150
Same-day 200


Mail documents to or visit our address

Attn: Passport Desk

Visa Network

870 Market St. STE 888

San Francisco, CA


Visa Network
870 Market St. STE #888
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: (415) 693-0330
Fax: (415) 693-0222

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