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Government Raises Passport Fees

Effective Dec. 27th Passport Fees will increase from 170 to 200 for adults and from 140 to 160 for minors. This is most likely due to the new Passports being issued. Call The Next Generation Passport, there's now a polycarbonate data page, laser inscriptions, and new...

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Chinese residence permits now allow entry into China

Effective from 28 September 2020: foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion are allowed to enter China with no need for applying for new visas. If the above three categories of residence permits held by foreign...

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Russia Visa additional requriements

Valid Russian visa must clearly state that purpose of visit is technical service. In addition to this, the inviting organization must contact the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and get instruction how to add the traveler’s name to the customs list at the border...

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New Office Hours by appointment only

Current Visa Network Office hours- by appointment only. We are providing support via phone and email during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, pacific time). However, in the event that you need to visit us please be advised that wearing a face mask will be...

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China visas only available though special letters

All China visas issued before March 28th, 2020 are still temporarily suspended. If you need a new China visa you will need to have your host in China obtain a special approval letter (PU Letter) for you. Once you...

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Passport Services are back

Effective 9/28/2020 Passport services are currently taking 4-6 weeks thru VN and being shipped to the National Passport Center in Philadelphia. The documents are the same as our website; however, no LOA is required. No flight itinerary is required. If you have...

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Is your passport expiring? Many countries require at least 6 months validity. Be sure to keep it up to date by renewing your passport.


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